Set up once. Never think of mosquitoes again.

LIV is a built-in system customized for your entire outdoor space. A one-time setup protects you for years to come.
  • Powerful protection

    LIV provides consistent mosquito protection day in and day out. It starts working within minutes. Even the muggiest, buggiest yards are no match for this system.

  • Large area coverage

    Using legendary Thermacell repellency, an installed 5-repeller LIV system with our repellent protects up to 1,575 square feet. That's enough to cover your deck, patio, firepit and playspace. A citronella candle only covers 28 square feet! The scale and convenience is unlike anything out there.

  • On-demand, on your phone

    Control your whole system with a few taps in the LIV+ app. Set a schedule, get low repellent alerts, shut-off automatically and more. And, you can connect to Alexa or Google Home for voice control. Talk about smart.

  • Season after season

    Because LIV is installed, it’s ready to go year after year. No additional setup needed. No batteries or fuel to run it. And our repellent set typically lasts a season (100+ hours*) before you need to replace.
    *8 hours/week for 12 weeks


Smart control

An electric-powered smart hub activates your repellers and connects to the LIV+ app via WiFi. You control everything right from your phone.

Durable, built-in repellers

These repellers use precisely controlled heat to activate the repellent and establish your mosquito protection in minutes.

Highly effective repellent

Our exclusive repellent formula fights the toughest mosquitoes. It is scent-free and smoke-free so you'll never notice it. But mosquitoes will.


  • People, pet and planet friendly

    Our 5.5% metofluthrin formula has been reviewed for use around kids and pets.  It even breaks down in sunlight. 

  • In it for the long haul

    We built LIV to last. Our powder coated, die-cast aluminum repellers are backed by a 4-year warranty and designed to become part of your landscape. We tested in the harshest conditions to ensure they perform year after year.

  • Award-winning and outdoor loving

    We’re honored to be recognized by Good Housekeeping, Wirecutter, Outside Magazine, Field & Stream and Popular Mechanics. As the repellent leaders, we remain dedicated to our mission from 1999: to free outdoor lovers from the harmful effects of insects.


LIV was first dreamed up on a whiteboard at our headquarters and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. (Our standards are high, what can we say?) By early next year, it will finally be ready.

Planning for your outdoor space is easy

Start with a sketch and some simple measurements

1. Assess your space

Sketch the perimeter for where you need protection. Keep in mind the smart hub plugs into an outdoor electrical outlet and repellers are connected with cables. We recommend placing repellers no more than 20 feet apart.

2. Choose the best kit size

Choose a 3-, 4- or 5-repeller kit to protect your unique space. Watch the short video below for more helpful tips.

3. Opt for more mounts if needed

Each kit comes with standard mounts to install on decks, and ground stakes for soil or mulch. To install on a patio or stone walkway without drilling, add a hardscape base, which secures the repeller with weight.

Watch this video to plan your LIV system

We'd love to talk to you

If you'd like to talk to one of our team members to help pick what size LIV system is best for your home, please use click the orange chat support button or email us at


The one-time setup takes about an hour.

1. Install your repellers

Put a repeller within 10 feet of each spot you want the most protection. Use cables to connect the repellers to each other and to the hub, which plugs into an outdoor electrical outlet.

2. Insert repellent cartridges

Pop a long-lasting repellent cartridge into each repeller. The LIV+ app will let you know when you’re running low and need to replace with a new refill.

3. Get connected

Download the LIV+ app to control your system and receive status updates right to your phone, watch or tablet. Connect to Alexa or Google Home for voice-activated control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LIV®?

The Thermacell® LIV® Smart Mosquito Repellent System creates an installed, large area of mosquito protection customized for your outdoor space. This smart system is all you need to enjoy season-long mosquito protection year-after-year. No batteries or fuel to run it, no sprays on your skin. Never think about mosquitoes again with LIV.

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